Having a system, moving quickly and never going back to a room is the secret to cleaning your home fastHouse cleaning in Riverside, CA is a tedious work and if you don’t have the right technique and strategies, you might run out of energy before finishing your work. 


If you think that you are not capable enough, want to skip the tedious work, or busy, then you can always call for professional help. Thankfully, there are many companies that offer professional and high-quality work and also guarantee customer satisfaction always, you could visit them at their website, such as RiversideHouseCleaningServices.com. 

Well, if you are confident and have a lot of time to do the cleaning, then here are some tips that can help you clean your house in the fastest and most efficient manner. 


Uncover dirty linens and toss in the hamper. Your nearby drawers must be emptied with unnecessary items that clog your nightstand or dresser. The wastebasket must be emptied and clean the floor to make it look tidier. 

Lift up each corner of the mattress using on hand and tuck with the other rather than trying to tuck sheets under the end of the mattress, this way is much faster and more efficient.  

Start with a piece of furniture in one corner and work around the room in a clockwise manner using a dry microfiber cloth. Dust each surface carefully and work back to front while lifting knickknacks as you go. Your cloth must only touch the each surface once to clean it properly and avoid the dust from spreading.  

Clean the lamp top to bottom then dust the tabletop, you can also use your armed duster on wall art and mirrors. Using long firm strokes begin from a back corner and vacuum throughout the door.  You can save time by only running the vacuum once.  


Use your all-purpose spray to spritz the sink, shower, vanity, and tub then leaves it for a while. Put a small amount of baking soda into the bowl and then brush it thoroughly before flushing.  The next thing to do is spray a microfiber cloth with all-purpose spray and wipe down the outside of the tank and toilet. 

Starting in the top corner, spray on the glass and wipe in a circular motion.  You can use a toothbrush to quickly scrub areas which are hard to reach around the fixtures. Wipe the counter, fixture, vanity and handles by starting in one corner and moving horizontally while working back to front. 


The first thing to do is to load the dishes and then start the cycle. Remove any clutter from your countertops; put items back in the cabinets, and stash of papers in a drawer. Your kitchen will look cleaner if your counter is empty.  

Wet a microfiber cloth using an all-purpose spray and wipe countertops in a back to front manner. Swipe the fridge, stove, and dishwasher using as damp cloth. Give your floor as fast once-over cleanup with a damped micro fiber mop working your way out. 

    Living Room 

Scan quickly your room and observe the things that need your attention. Clean the glass surfaces as well as the furniture. Start from the farthest corner to the front, speed vacuum the room to ensure total cleanliness. Call the professionals if you want to learn more about how to clean your living room.